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Imperial Optical Supports Contact Lens Success Programs

Contact Lens Success Program Guarantee

Imperial Optical, Inc. has created this Contact Lens Success Program guarantee to specifically support the efforts of our strategic partners. This guarantee is intended to support eyecare practitioners who offer their patients any type of contact lens success program. Imperial Optical encourages all of our strategic partners to develop and implement a contact lens success program within their practice to promote the risk free trial of contact lenses to both new and existing patients.

In order to qualify for the Contact Lens Success Program guarantee, strategic partners must:
Purchase the contact lenses from Imperial Optical.
Provide Imperial Optical the patient name and relevant contact lens prescription at the time of order.
Provide a written explanation of why the lenses are being returned. This document must bear the signatures of the strategic partner and the patient.
Return lenses within 90 days from the date the lenses were originally shipped by Imperial Optical.
Return all of the unused blisters from opened boxes.
Return any/all unopened boxes in a manner consistent with Imperial Optical’s standard return policy (see below).
Mail or fax a copy of the original invoice with customer name and lenses ordered.

Imperial Optical, Inc. will:
Credit the strategic partner’s account for 100% of the purchase price of the returned lenses. Credit will not be given for:
Lenses that were not purchased from Imperial Optical.
Unopened boxes that have been marked or damaged.
Lenses returned under this program guarantee that exceed the 90-day program return period.
Only accept one returned order per patient per year.

Special restrictions:
This offer does not apply to MTO lenses.
This offer does not apply to vial lenses.
This offer does not apply to colored lenses.

As an independent contact lens distributor, Imperial Optical, Inc. honors the policies of all soft contact lens manufacturers whose contact lenses we distribute. Only products purchased directly from Imperial Optical may be returned to Imperial Optical. No expired products will be accepted for credit or exchange. Discontinued products may not be returned for credit or exchange. All postage charges for lenses being returned are the responsibility of the sender. Loss or damage occurring during transit will be the responsibility of the sender. Imperial Optical reserves the right to monitor all lenses returned for exchange or credit. Accounts with returns and exchanges greater than 15% of purchases may lose all return and exchange privileges. Imperial Optical’s customer service department must be notified within five days of billing of any lenses damaged or received in error. A return authorization number is required on all blister products returned.

Download a copy of Imperial Optical's Contact Lens Success Program Terms and Conditions.

To become a strategic partner and begin taking advantage of Imperial Optical's superior service, selection and savings – "The Imperial Advantage" – contact our customer services at 1-800-367-8422, fill out the online strategic partner application or print out a copy of the downloadable application and fax the completed form to 1-800-803-0455 today.

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